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Engagement Models

Agility, ​trust and responsibility are key factors in building relationships with our Clients. 
Whether you are a big enterprise or a small startup, we always strive to find an individual approach ensuring the most effective cooperation.

Project Based

This model is a reasonable solution for a short or medium duration project you want to develop, but do not have internal expertise/capacity for it or you simply do not want to deal with recruitment, people and engineering management matters.
We will build for you a self-contained team, which will consolidate all expertise required for successful project completion; it might include UI/UX expert, business analyst, requirements manager, software engineers, architect, technical lead, devops and quality control engineers.
We will establish effective communication between the team and project stakeholders at your Company or third party. Appropriate development processes will be setup applying our best practices and know how in areas of software engineering, quality control, requirements management and streamlined delivery.
We will assign project manager who will be your single point of contact for any questions and requests.
At the same time, you can always obtain a clear view on project progress, costs, risks and other topics you might be interested in using tools and processes we apply.
Pricing Models
Time & Material.
T&M is considered to be the most efficient pricing model as it offers full flexibility of your budget. This model can use an hourly  or monthly rate for work, resources or other expenses that were applied during development process. This model works for the projects where the final product cannot be fully viewed, and the scope and its implementation specifics are not well defined.
Proffiz assumes the responsibility for accurate time management using special tools which also provide complete visibility for a client. Benefit of this model is that client has an option to change the project scope, depending on market needs, and it is not overwhelmed with change request procedures that assume you always have well specified requirements.
We guarantee that specialists assigned to your project correspond to required level of skills and maturity.

Fixed Price.
FP model is suitable for projects with well-defined requirements, scope and deliverables. It allows you to be sure that development budget will not increase over time unless requirements are changed.
We will provide you with clear offer which outlines all deliverables, project milestone and expected level of quality.  Using this model you delegate delivery, quality and timeline risks to Proffiz side.
Usually Fixed Price model is better suited for small projects with moderate complexity.

Team Based

Proffiz offers Team Based engagement model - efficient and cost-saving approach to long-term partnership. It also perfectly works for a big project or series of smaller projects with complex domain expertise which is essential for successful software delivery.
The benefit of this model is that you receive a team dedicated exclusively to your projects and company. This team can be either tightly integrated into your engineering processes or, if needed, we will setup everything from the scratch, including efficient communication flows with key people in your organization.
We can build for you a dedicated development center with multiple teams, wide range of expertise and strong governance or a small team of 2-3 developers who will be managed by you directly.
We demonstrate maximum flexibility in our cooperation which gives you the opportunities to keep your resources capacity always in-line with dynamic business environment. You gain full control over the team, its productivity, processes and delivery.
The main aim of the dedicated team is to work seamlessly as part of client's organization in order to provide qualitative, unique and business-specific solutions.
Pricing Models
You pay monthly per dedicated resource based on his/her maturity level, skills and experience. Office facilities, communication means, default infrastructure and HR functions are also included into the rate.

For large dedicated teams we also offer the schema of pricing where all expenses, such as employees salaries, are transparent to you. Therefore, you gain full control over your team operations, including financial matters. Fixed monthly fee is paid for Proffiz services.
Engagement Models Comparison
  1. Project Based - T&M
    Medium & small projects Evolving requirements High flexibility Diverse workload
  2. Project Based - FP
    Small projects Fixed requirements Moderate flexibility Single geographical location
  3. Team Based
    Big projects Series of projects Long-term partnership Any requirements High flexibility High skills retention