C++/Blockchain Engineer

Join Proffiz team and work on challenging projects.
Job Overview:
We are looking for senior C++ engineer to work on decentralized P2P platform where anybody can connect their computer to provide its unused resources such as storage and processing power in a useful way. Resources are provided in a redundant and secure manner for all parties.

For providing resources one receives payment. Payment is done in cryptocurrency whose emission is dependent on the amount of resources available in the system. This and other mechanisms assert the currency is backed by useful resources and thus give it intrinsic yet still decentralized value.

To make it technically feasible many novel algorithms have been developed to secure the system, and to make the underlying blockchain technology fast. Some of those innovations have a patent pending. 

  • Collaborate with engineers to produce high-quality, elegant and clean software
  • Implement new scenarios, enhance, improve and support the platform
  • Maintain a high standard of quality for application development
  • Be proactive in problems solving
  • Be focused on quality  

  • At least 5+ years of software development experience
  • Must have - C++, algorithms
  • Nice to have - optimization, distributed systems, blockchain, cryptography, LLVM, x86 asm, JS, React
  • English level at least Intermediate
Send your CV at oilkiv@proffiz.com​​

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