Empower your company with cutting edge software.
Synergy of latest technology, approaches and business expertise makes a big difference.

Web Applications

We develop wide range of responsive, realtime and high load web solutions - advanced web sites, customer' and company' portals, social services, media solutions, e-Commerce platforms, actually any Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer software our Clients need.

Angular / Vue / React / Node.js / PHP

Mobile Applications

Being mobile means being closer to your consumers and customers which improves their loyalty and grows your revenue. It is also a great tool for increasing operational productivity in your business. Your employees always have realtime access to the latest data which helps them make right decisions and perform better.

iOS / Android / Cross Platform

High Load Systems

Cloud-based architectures, like microservices or serverless, bring a number of benefits - optimized hardware and maintenance costs, high flexibility in infrastructure resources allocation, increased performance and scalability, easy updates delivery and software distribution.

Java / .NET / Node.js / Microservices / Serverless / NoSQL / AWS / Blockchain

Online Print

We help print companies to automate their operations, like print jobs management, print quality control or 3rd party systems integration. Another area we help in is increasing online presence via e-commerce stores, online graphics editors, connected apps and b2b customer portals.

Web2print / Graphic Editors /
Prepress Automation / Integrations

Workforce Management & Employee Engagement

Workforce management solutions that improve business capabilities in employees management including aspects of productivity, availability, tasks management, time tracking, motivation, professional growth, recognition and retention. 

Schedule & Shift Management / Task Management / Employee Development & Recognition

Sales & Marketing Automation

Software that enable marketing activities automation, including communication with leads, workflow management and status tracking, pipeline management, dashboards and reporting. As well as omnichannel marketing solutions to reach your customers in various and personalized ways.

CRM / Lead Management /
Omnichannel Marketing