Java Back-end Engineer

Join Proffiz team and work on challenging projects.
Job Overview:
We are looking for senior and middle back-end Java engineers to create a new type of decentralized blockchain with the capability of managing complex data structures, access via biometric wallets, a new type of validation technique (Proof of Integrity) and many other features that are missing from the current blockchain solutions on the market. 

You will be part of a cohesive and self-contained team of strong java engineers located in Lviv. The team is being built from the ground up and will be in charge of the market ready solution development almost from scratch as well as further versions implementation and platform growth. CTO and architect on the client side will be working closely with you providing technical requirements for the platform, as well as supporting you in technical and design decisions. The solution will consist of major components, like applications management, messaging,  consensus, memory grid, finance management, service ledger (based on Ethereum), and integration libraries that will allow to use it by engineers in their software.

The startup you will be working for is a well-funded company and have promising partnerships with big enterprises that will provide real business use cases and facilitate with further production rollout.

The tech stack will be based on Java, but specific technologies and frameworks still need to be defined

Job Advantages:
  • Development from scratch, no legacy code
  • Very interesting project with many tech challenges
  • Your ideas, commitment, and passion will have a direct impact on the product 
  • You will learn new things and expand your professional horizons 

  • Collaborate with engineers to produce high-quality, elegant, scalable and clean software
  • Design, develop, improve and support platform while maintaining a high level of performance and security
  • Maintain a high standard of quality for application development
  • Be proactive in problems solving

  • 5+ years of Java development experience for Senior, and 2+ for Middle engineer
  • Experience with distributed systems (peer-to-peer, load balancing, caching, messaging etc.)
  • Experience with relational databases and SQL
  • Would be a plus - experience with blockchain, Etherium, Solidity, smart contracts 
  • Would be a plus - DevOps experience
  • Would be a plus - good math skills
  • English level at least intermediate
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