Mid/Senior Front-end Engineer

Join Proffiz team and work on challenging projects.
Job Overview:
You will join the strong team of front-end engineers working on SaaS Customer Relationship Management platform development that integrates with email software. The solution is being built to boost companies productivity offering such functionality as centralized customer information management, marketing interactions automation, communication facilitation, sales opportunities tracking, data analytics, responsive customer service and many more. 

The application is using the following technologies: TypeScript, React, Redux, ES, Vanilla JS, Git, Azure DevOps, LESS. It is scalable and highly customizable. You will work on developing new features and improving existing functionality.

Job Advantages:
  • Challenging project with enterprise level architecture
  • Competitive salary

  • Collaborate with team members to produce high-quality, corporate standardized and efficient software assets
  • Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
  • Follow industry best practices
  • Deliver solutions that are easily integrated into overall system
  • Be proactive in initiating of system improvements

  • Total experience in IT 4+ years
  • Ability to fast ramp up with new technologies
  • Practical knowledge of TypeScript
  • React, Redux experience would be a plus
  • Excellent coding and debugging skills
  • Deep insight into Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns
  • English language at least intermediate level
Send your CV at oilkiv@proffiz.com

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