The Difference

Why Proffiz.

Focus on needs

We are not just creating products or doing projects, we solve your needs. Each software is targeted at certain business goals, hence, it is crucial for us to have clear understanding of the problems the solution to which we are creating.
It is an ongoing process of developing software and matching it to our Customers' needs which might evolve over time. Using means of business analysis and mechanism of collecting users' feedback on a regular basis, we are capable of building the right solutions.

Cost efficiency

Unlike big software development companies, Proffiz service rates are not burdened with expenses required for running different supportive departments. We have efficient governance and organizational structure aimed at gaining maximum value of each dollar our Customer pays.


The approach we use is based on the insight that every company and its needs are unique. That is why we lay a big accent on adaptation of our services, engagement models and practices to each customer we work with.
Our goal is to set up productive and transparent cooperation that will build a successful partnership.


We are concerned about productivity and motivation of our people. Working in comfortable office, using the best of breed tools, technologies and approaches, investing into professional development, regular employee performance appraisals and just being cohesive and friendly team we are ready to deal with any challenges you might have.