Application Development

Develop your specific, unique and high professional software with us.
We understand your business and embody your ideas into real products.
Proffiz offers development of new applications for your organization. If you have unique business need for a custom software but you don't own the expertise, capacity or sufficient budget to implement it internally, then outsourcing is the optimal solution to you.
We will provide you with a full set of services required for building custom applications including business analysis, requirements elaboration, UX&UI design, architecture engineering and development, comprehensive quality control with further deployment and production support.
Our customers are deeply involved into engineering process what enables them to get a clear view of what is happening in the project. Our advantage lies in being very flexible in providing our services, and therefore, it is easy to find the shortest path towards your business objectives.
  1. Web Applications
  2. High Load Systems
  3. Mobile Applications
  1. Online Print
  2. Sales & Marketing Automation
  3. Workforce Management & Employee Engagement

Managed Team

Leverage the benefits of dedicated development team that we will build for you in Ukraine.
Highly professional developers, full control over the process and reduced costs.
If you need to build a team with special expertise or extend the existing one but you don’t want to bother yourself with people recruitment, retention, professional development and even Delivery Management then contact Proffiz and we will take care of your needs.
We establish dedicated development teams and development centers for our customers in Ukraine. We employ staff considering your specific needs in business domain, technical skills, experience, further team growth and even correspondence to the values cultivated in your company. This service can be effectively combined with Consulting and Custom Development Services whenever needed.
We also take care of effective integration setup, so you can work with a new team as if it is one of your existing teams, but just located in another office.
How it works
3 essential steps to launch our cooperation
#1 - Setup. We do initial analysis and build the team according to the agreed requirements. Thorough knowledge transfer is performed. Ideally, it happens on-site.
#2 - Integration. The purpose is to elaborate efficient governance model and align the processes between Proffiz and customer's organization that will enable seamless cooperation between remote and in-house teams.  
#3 - Operation.  You have full control over your team, while Proffiz cares about delivery management,  as well as provides all the needed office facilities, infrastructure and HRM functions such as hiring, people development, and retention management.


Proffiz knows how to make software better.
We care about your future and envision software evolution while helping you.
Our Consulting service includes a wide range of different aspects in software development. We can help you with understanding your business requirements, transferring them into software requirements, appropriate project planning, milestones definition, development and quality control framework setup that will ensure smooth execution, appropriate risk management and high agility for immediate adaptation to changes that are constantly happening.
Proffiz involvement can be limited to gap analysis with further elaboration of recovery plan, although we can also follow you during recovery plan execution to ensure that your employees do not ignore or misinterpret anything.
We offer
Business Analysis & Software Requirements. Analysis of your business processes and goals on required level with the purpose of effectively identification of the viable product requirements. Setup of a framework for product management: requirements elicitation, market analysis, requirements development, requirements management, user acceptance testing.

User Experience. We are constantly observing the latest trends in UI/UX for different business niches in order to create products which correspond to today's market demands. Focusing on usability we help our customers to build innovative and user friendly software.

Architecture Design. Deep analysis of functional and non-functional software requirements and creationg of high technical solution utilizing the best approaches and the latest innovations.
Effective Software Development Lifecycle. Depending on your needs and limitations we define appropriate application lifecycle management processes and tools which make your software development effective, minimize risks and improve cost-efficiency.

Quality Assurance & Control. We generate quality assurance and control framework which includes but is not limited to efficient requirements and release management processes, testing strategy planning, required types of testing execution, issues tracking and continuous processes improvement. 

QA & Testing

Appropriate planning, well-defied test documentation, efficient approach and testing guarantee that you will receive high quality product within defined project constraints. 
- Is your product growing dynamically but you noticed that the quality goes down?
- Are you extending the list of environments you have to support?
- Are you expecting a big jump in your user base though not sure whether your system remains functional and responsive to them?
- Do you want to cross check the quality of testing performed by your team?
- Cannot cope with the increased amount of testing?

Then you shall consider Software Testing outsourcing, as it is the best way to increase your testing capacity and save costs.

Proffiz provides a full set of test activities applicable at any stage of your project lifecycle - detailed requirements analysis, requirements traceability, test planning and test design, test environments preparation, different types of testing and many more. We cover all directions in different products development like Web, Mobile, Desktop. Automation Testing is also a part of our offer, since it allows you to cut down on regression testing costs and shorten your release cycle.​​