Manual QA

Manual QA
Looks like you're searching for new opportunities? We are in the race for PDF editor platform development. Let's win this Grand Prix together!

Manual QA – The Driver 

In Proffiz’s Formula 1 Manual QA is a driver who helps win titles. You will test the software to assure its quality and provide high capacity products to the end users. You are going to be an important team player and your own success is the success of the whole crew!

Who is on the Pit Wall

Our customer is one of the world’s top 10 leading software publishers.

They develop Creativity and Learning softwares, Utilities and Multimedia, all featured with the latest cutting edge technology to provide consumers and businesses with an easy, relevant and secure user experience.

10 million customers rely on our client every year and 650,000 software products are sold each year. Every minute, 10 software products are sold worldwide. This is a sign of confidence that they are always working to sustain. 

🏎 The Race 🏎 

You will work with one of the world’s biggest software publishers. The project you will be working on is a PDF online and desktop editor, which provides creating, editing, and safe signing options for PDF documents. Just think about how many contracts are signed worldwide between people who are unable to put signatures on a paper because of, for example, living on different continents and how fast this process can be thanks to your work.

Your driving experience

> Total experience in software testing 1.5+ years

> Understanding and experience in Quality Assurance & Control

> Understanding towards how good requirements should look like

> Experience with desktop testing

> Analytical thinking and attention to details

> Understanding of UX principles or experience doing UX testing would be a plus

> English at least Intermediate

The Crew 

You will be a part of a mature self-contained team of 10 people including .NET, ML, Android and SQL Developers. The team is based in Lviv. 


The race begins with a warm-up lap – you may call it –  onboarding. During the warm-up lap, you meet the HR-manager who solves various organizational questions, guides you to the office, adds you to internal communication channels, provides you with the needed equipment, etc. Then meet the client and the team, drink tea or coffee, and start exploring the project.

After a warm-up lap, you are ready for the race in which you should:

> Collaborate with team in order to produce high-quality, corporate standardized, and efficient software assets

> Prepare and execute test scenarios from business and functional flows perspectives

> Prepare QA related reporting and tracking to ensure timely escalation and resolution of cases

> Work with product team during sprints and releases to assure high level of software quality

The Driver Assessment

> Recruiter Call (20-30 minutes)

> Initial screen (30-45 minutes)

> Final interview (2 hours)

Let us know if you require any accommodations for the interview process, and we will do our best to assist.


> Flexible working hours

> You can work remotely, from the office, or mix both

> Spacious technically equipped workplace

> Regular Performance Appraisals

> Free English courses

> Medical Insurance

> Access to online courses

> Corporate events, tech talks and so on

Ready, Steady, Go!)

Personal Recruiter
Artem Voskovskyi
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