Strong Middle/Senior Front End Developer

Strong Middle/Senior Front End Developer
Hi! You are one step closer to a new job. We are in the race for digital workplace platform development. Let's win this Grand Prix together!

Strong Middle/Senior Front End Developer- The Driver

In Proffiz’s Formula 1 Strong Middle/Senior Front End Developer is a driver who helps win titles. You will join our team of innovators working on the company’s people collaboration suite. You are going to be an important team player and your own success is the success of the whole crew!

Who is on the Pit Wall

Founded out of Canada in 2014, the client’s company serves as a communication conduit that allows headquarters to liaise with those working in the field, from health care professionals and manufacturing personnel to grocery delivery drivers and anyone not tethered to a physical desk. They provide a solution for time management, employee communication, employee learning, and even a payment system. Available in over 37 languages and deployed in over 38 countries, and can be easily integrated with many top employee records systems.

🏎 The Race 🏎 

You are going to enter the innovator’s working race. The main goal of the product is to provide work-life balance for employees and optimize communication processes using all the functions of this platform:

▪ rewards

▪ recognition

▪ social channels

▪ internal messenger

▪ video trainings

▪ task management

▪ many more

You will work with new technologies, make changes in Core services, implement new features, migrations, and optimizations.

Don’t miss the chance!

Your driving experience

▪ 3+ years of experience as a software developer

▪ Experience with JS and knowledge of HTML5, CSS3

▪ Working knowledge of JavaScript frameworks like React.js

▪ Experience working with state management libraries like Redux or Mobx

▪ Experience with npm or yarn

▪ Experience working with REST APIs

▪ Proficiency with code versioning tools like Git

▪ At least intermediate strong level of English

Would be a plus:

▪ Experience with TypeScript

▪ Experience with Angular.js, Node.js, Next.js

▪ Experience with Sass, Less, styled-components, emotion, CSS modules or Tailwind CSS

▪ Experience working within a design system

▪ Experience with design tools such as Figma, Sketch, InVision or Adobe XD

▪ Experience doing unit tests using JEST, Enzyme and / or React Testing Library

▪ Experience with GraphQL

▪ Experience working with components libraries and Storybook

▪ Experience developing apps within a Micro-Frontend architecture

The Crew

You will be part of a great international team that consists of 5 engineers and a delivery manager at Proffiz, and 15 engineers at client’s side.


The race begins with a warm-up lap – you may call it –  onboarding. During the warm-up lap, you meet the HR-manager who solves various organizational questions, guides you to the office, adds you to internal communication channels, provides you with the needed equipment, etc. Then meet the client, the team, drink a cup of tea or coffee and start exploring the project.

After a warm-up lap, you are ready to the race in which you should:

▪ Develop a modern frontend and participate in the full software development lifecycle;

▪ Implement innovative web-based solutions;

▪ Contribute to the product design and roadmap;

▪ Provide design reviews and code reviews for fellow team members promoting high-quality work, sound software methodologies, and attention to detail.

The Driver Assessment

▪ HR+Technical Interview (1,5 hours)

Let us know if you require any accommodations for the interview process, and we`ll do our best to assist.


▪ Flexible working hours

▪ You can work remotely, from the office, or mix both

▪ Spacious technically equipped workplace

▪ Regular Performance Appraisals

▪ Free English courses

▪ Access to online courses

▪ Corporate events, tech talks and so on

Ready, Steady, Go!)

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