What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Facebook or Twitter? Probably the blue color of their interface or posts you have on your page. These memorable features are a work of UI and UX 

UX, or in other words, user experience services, is about designing the whole experience of potential users. It means that a UX designer is responsible for developing the features of a specific application, how the user feels while using it, and how these suggestions guarantee a great user experience. UX services are used to make the interaction of user and application pleasant and simple.

UI, or user interface services, is about how all the features suggested by the UX designer will look. How much space is between elements, how much information is on your screen, how convenient is it for users to use it? Here the focus is based on the esthetical part of your application. Colors, fonts, icons, space, number of items, all these things are here so that your UI design would look perfect.

Why are UX Services important?

The main reason why some apps are so popular is that creators take into account users’ needs. A person that will assist you in it is a UX designer. 

To provide you with the best solution, the designer performs user research, creates concepts, looks for new ways to cover people’s needs in something, and makes this process easy and pleasant. To have a precise picture designer reproduces the customer journey to help him predict any obstacle that may appear on every user’s step. They provide usability testing to see whether the choices he makes are working correctly or it’s better to replace them. 

All these procedures are essential, as, in the end, you will receive an application that covers the user’s needs, is accessible in use (or easy to learn), and has a proper number of features.   

With all those points covered, you have chances to multiply the number of your users by millions.

How can UI Services help your product?

The interface is the first thing that captures the user’s attention. That is why the role of UI designer is so important. You may know the functionality the user needs, but its position, accessibility, and form are the UI designer’s full responsibility. 

It is an accurate process that requires not only creativity but analytical skills. A designer should transform all gathered information into an aesthetic, user-friendly, and simple form. 

That is how a proper combination of buttons, columns, fonts, and colors gives you a universal product, packed with necessary features, attractive appearance, and helpful for users’ information. That simple it is. 

We create attractive and well-functioning design to enhance your business
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How Proffiz designers different?
UI/UX does not end with the delivery. It is a long-lasting process, as users’ needs and motivations may change with time. That is why our work algorithm is developed to cover all necessary points starting with discovery and finishing with usability testing. We work hard on every phase of the project to provide you with the best solution
Discovery & Empathizing
Defining & Strategy
Visual design (UI) & Documentation
Usability testing
What kind of UI/UX design services does Proffix offer?
Mobile app UX and UI design services
Web design services
Cross-platform experiences design
UI and UX consulting
We create attractive and well-functioning design to enhance your business
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The team’s efforts have met all requirements and deadlines. Responsive, knowledgeable, and proactive, Proffiz manages a seamless and enjoyable collaboration. Their constant communication and desire for continuous improvement stand out.

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Custom tools and applications ensure that your solution is personalized, meaning that it performs the exact functionality your business requires to succeed. Here are the top 5 things to learn about customized software before moving further on your journey to business growth.

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