The company
We provide companies with senior tech talent and product development expertise to build world-class software
Who we are as Professionals
Huge amount of know how and experience have been accumulated on dozens of projects
Ihor Kuzil

An expert in software delivery governance and engineering that has more than 17 years of experience. Over these years, he has managed diverse teams of 100+ people, consulted them about Agile/SAFe processes, maintained and supported various projects. Helped start-ups and enterprises to achieve their goals and enhance business opportunities. Under his leadership, the company has evolved from a small group of enthusiasts into an influential player in the software engineering market.

Marta Rudnytska

Along with her partner Ihor Kuzil, they started Proffiz in 2017 to offer software solutions to customers worldwide. 16 years of experience in business analysis, quality assurance, control, CMMI, and project management. She focuses on building partnerships and revealing new opportunities for Proffiz clients. Works with delivery and development teams to ensure that provided services meet customers’ objectives and correspond to the defined strategy.

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Our story
Our principles
Trust of our clients

We work transparently and seamlessly. Our clients trust us and cooperation transparency lets them rely on us.

Keep up with innovations

We educate and get educated to integrate our knowledge into practice while developing world-class solutions for you.

Build masterful teams

We are not just looking for “resources”, we are building teams of highly qualified people with the broad mindset.

Results that matter

Simply completing tasks is not our priority. We aim at delivering projects as if we are going to be the end-users, implementing all the useful and significant features.

Respect for individual

Proffiz is a place that gathers different people with a number of interests they have in common – one of them is respect towards each other.

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Where are we?
Proffiz is your reliable software vendor based in Europe, that develops great products for companies across the world
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