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More and more businesses worldwide are looking for a reliable partner to grow their software development departments. Among them, dedicated team cooperation model is getting more interest from clients all around the globe — this type of cooperation suits both big enterprises and newborn startups . The more the environment gets dynamic and changeable, the more benefits you can get from cooperation with a dedicated team. Specifically, when the company scales fast, requirements are unclear, and scope changes frequently.

The development team can work as a part of the client’s in-house team or independently. Whatever type the client picks, the team will supply your specific project with everything necessary. An outsourcing vendor provides a highly-skilled engineering team, depending on the client’s business needs. This type of cooperation has many benefits like a simple and transparent pricing system, fast team settlement, and direct management and communication. At the same time, the client can focus on his primary tasks – business requirements and ensuring workload for the team assigned to the project.

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Benefits of Dedicated Software Development Team Cooperation Model
Team augmentation

Depending on the project, Proffiz sets up a needed team composition. Whenever the client requires extra hands for developing, testing, delivering, he can always request professionals of any seniority and expertise.


The pricing system is clear and reasonable. Monthly payments depend on the team composition, and all the invoices are based on assigned monthly rates per each specialist in the team.

Ongoing improvement

A selected team of specialists works only on your specific project until it’s finished. The team is devoted to what they build, constantly learning up-to-date technologies, accumulating knowledge in your specific domain, and enriching the product.

Team Management

The client has complete control over the management process and sets up the communication with the team in the most suitable way. We also assign a delivery manager on the project for team selection, and if the client wishes so, all further communication goes through the delivery manager.

Why Clients Choose Us 

▪ Low turnover rate – we do everything to attract specialists with different experience and seniority and keep them satisfied with their job. That is why our clients can be sure that their request will be fulfilled as soon as it can be. 

▪ 15% of new hires are coming from internal references. The environment we are creating for our engineers cannot remain indifferent to all the others who are looking for new opportunities and ways for professional growth. The references we receive prove it better than any words.

Regular performance appraisal & professional development – together with clients, we encourage our specialists’ personal and professional growth. That is why everything from training to appraisals we thoughtfully plan and perform. However, if the client wishes to be more involved in this process, and set up all the points and metrics for the appraisal on his own, we completely support him.

75% of senior and 15% middle-level experts – numbers speak for themselves. Constant improvement gives fruitful results.

Main Technologies that we work with

We are convinced that the most crucial point in a dedicated team model is to set up a good recruitment process. Whatever the client’s request is, he will receive the best and fastest solution and maintenance as our specialists have expertise in web and mobile applications and cloud solutions. Here, we’ve enlisted all the leading technologies we work with:

Advantages of Proffiz Dedicated Development Teams


▪ Flexibility – a dedicated team model is dynamic and scalable. If the client wishes to add more specialists, all he needs to do is give a call. We will provide him with people of diverse knowledge base and qualifications. The quantity is not limited, and it can be just two specialists or ten. 

▪ Speed – despite the complexity of team composition, our specialists can start working in a few weeks. The client can choose the preferred management approach and tools to make the cooperation painless, or trust our work experience. In addition, the client doesn’t have to worry about the time that needs to be spent on the training and onboarding of dedicated teams.

Dedication – each dedicated developer is thoughtfully selected to guarantee that the client’s team will consist of specialists who share their culture, vision and are working together to make the product perfect. The client can be acquainted with the whole team, knowing the staff in person, who will work full-time only on this specific project. 

▪ Integrity – dedicated team integrates with existing software development teams seamlessly with existing software development teams thanks to a well-established hiring process. By working as a separate unit or as a part of an existing squad, teams still complete each other and make the development process more manageable. Clients feel no difference between the in-house and dedicated team

▪ Efficiency – with the right size and skills of the dedicated teams, the product will gain tremendous productivity. Direct continuous communication between the client and his team allows them to stay on the same page and control all the SDLC. 


Outsourcing is undoubtedly an important decision to make, but while you hesitate, your fellow competitors are already looking for a dedicated team  to start the cooperation. One click will turn your idea into a live project!


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