A modern business environment is known for its fast pace and dynamic. The phrase time is money is no longer just an expression – it is a competitive potential. And outsourcing has proved to be an excellent tool to cover business needs and optimize your expenses. Yet, sometimes companies might face typical barriers that arise from someone’s bad experience, like security issues, different time zones and cultural backgrounds, extra time on recruitment, and so forth. Outsourcing vendors are fluently integrated and cover all so-called “cons.” The only downfall you can come across is a wrong vendor selection.    

In this article, we will enlighten the benefits you can achieve by choosing to outsource and how to make the right choice of vendor.  

Outsource development 

According to Grand View Research, the global business process outsourcing market is anticipated to reach USD 525.2 billion by 2030. It is a well-known approach practiced by many grand enterprises, SMEs, and startups. By working with an outsource software vendor, you not only reduce your risks but also can rely on the expertise, as they have vast experience, can quickly get onboard, and are self-organized. You don’t need to worry about recruitment, work organization, or performance, and focus on your primary tasks. In addition, the outsourcing team remains in one place, and the vendor is responsible for all operational matters. With an appropriate companion, so-called risks like insecurity, management inconsistency, and code rights won’t even take place. Here are the main reasons for choosing to outsource software development.


A vast pool of talents  

Outsourcing gives you access to a vast IT talent pool of any level of seniority. You won’t be limited by location and set free from the dilemma of good hard skills and lack of soft skills or different views on your ethical policy. Another benefit is that you won’t be alone in this pool of candidates, as vendors do it for you, and provide you with the best options. 

Time and cost flexibility

When it comes to company profits – outsourcing is a verified tool. In most cases, local approaches have rather “made in-house” labels while outsourced developers are as good and qualified as local ones. In terms of project setup, outsourcing is a winning choice, as a professional vendor selects a team promptly, no matter what type of cooperation you choose.  It is extremely important when time-to-market matters for your business. If you wish to invest in time and quality, you can count on outsourcing. Among the top destinations is Easter Europe, mainly Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, etc. 

Delegation of management

Most software vendors offer management assistance, which means tech specialists can take your ownership and be in charge of requirements, task assignments, deadlines, performance tracking, demos, etc. This option allows you to focus on your primary task and evaluate the ready product. Responsible managers are needed on both sides: on-site and outsourced, to have full transparency on all processes and other crucial points.

Favorable contract terms 

The duration of the agreement, notice period, and statement of work always plays in your favor. You have the flexibility to discuss it with your outsourcing company and have much better contact conditions as with in-house specialists. And of course, you have all the intellectual property assigned to your company.   

screen touch

Variety of approaches 

Whether you are a great enterprise or a small startup with the proper vendor, you can expect an individual approach that ensures the most effective cooperation. After a thoughtful product analysis, you can be offered these types of services to cover your needs: a team-based approach – for long-term collaboration, a project-based – for the short term, and a mix if there is such a request.

Project Based 

When it comes to custom web and mobile applications, outsourcing vendors have lots to offer. The company provides its clients with flawless application development services by combining strong technical experience, best programming practices, coding guidelines, and structured frameworks. Web software, distributed systems, mobile apps, whatever your request is, you can be sure to receive only high-quality results. It also includes an end-to-end service that allows clients to focus on their customers and business growth while the vendor is dealing with technology and software development.

Team Based 

Staff augmentation or dedicated development team is a popular worldwide cooperation model that benefits you greatly, especially when the environment is dynamic and the scope changes frequently. You can rely on a dedicated team and be sure your idea shapes into a real product with well-selected tech experts. Another benefit of the team-based approach is knowledge retention – you can be sure that the knowledge inside the team will be preserved. Empower your business with world-class software. 

If you still have questions and doubts about outsourcing software development, read more information here. You can be sure that by working with Proffiz, you can cover all your needs and receive the best result.

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How to choose a proper vendor

By selecting a proper software vendor, you benefit not only in terms of value but bring empowerment to your business. Since the outsourcing market is overwhelmed with different companies and approaches, here are some tips that will simplify this process. 

Before choosing the partnering company, ensure it has valid experience in your domain like Fintech, Print, Photo&Image, and the necessary tech stack. Take a look at their previous works and get feedback from ex-companions. Compare services and costs. Discuss their business approach and how it coincides with your view on things. Ask about the setup of the management process, how often you will communicate, what the structure is, what results are expected at the end of cooperation, and who owns the code. What are the security measures taken. The onboarding process might be a bit lasting and bureaucratic, but this is all to ensure that all points are covered.  


Software development is a tedious process, but with the proper software development vendor, it can be smooth and painless. If you delegate software development to Proffiz, you can be sure it will cover all your needs. Our company has over five years of experience in software development for big enterprises and startups. We work with print, fintech, photo, and imaging industries, enriching their products and bringing profit. In addition, Proffiz has been recognized as one of the Top 30 Outsourcing Software Development Companies by DesignRush. 

If you are ready to start cooperation, contact us, and we will answer all your questions! 


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Best Practice Watch Video How To Build A Remote Software Team
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