The modern world dictates its own rules to business, no matter whether it’s a newly born start-up or a long-lasting giant. It demands a swift pace, keeping up with the latest advances, highest than ever customization levels, and client-friendly orientation. With the rise of the IT-industry, it all became available within one mouse click or 10-minute video conference with your partner somewhere half the world away.

Software development outsourcing is a phrase any prosperous entrepreneur is well-acquainted with. It has become an integral element of building a successful and profitable business in any sphere in the last decade.

The ill choice of an outsourcing company can endanger the future of your business or even lead to its failure. No wonder that in 2019 this market exceeded $ 66 million and goes on booming and growing briskly in the 2020s.

So, it is hardly surprising that every year increasingly more entrepreneurs start enquiring how to outsource software development successfully, achieving the highest possible results. That is why we have prepared some clues for you to ensure successful software development outsourcing in 2022

What is software development outsourcing?

Let’s have a look into this catchy and trendy phrase you have probably heard but may not be entirely sure what it means exactly.

Simply saying, you outsource software development by entrusting this function to a professional who does not belong to your staff or enterprise with sufficient proficiency and competence – a freelance software developer or an outsourcing company.

Defining your specific requirements and timeframe for delivery is your starting point, and only after that you can move on to searching for a proper company for this purpose. The most crucial is to understand what should be the result of the development process, because it’s the factor to drive your selection of an ideal-matching software outsourcing company.

Despite the fact that this operating scheme is quite common and widespread nowadays, there are still some questions to answer in this regard. 

Why do companies decide to outsource software development?

The reasoning behind resorting to the outsourcing model for developing one or another project may be different, but the most common stimuli are quite similar.

The prevailing majority of the undertakings simply don’t have their own software experts. Putting together an effective software development team requires tremendous resources from the HR department and is inexcusably time-consuming. That is why contracting an external organization for outsourced software development grants multiple advantages, including full and unfettered intellectual property rights.

Software development outsourcing is a financially-efficient practice that allows for keeping pace with the business competition tempo at reasonable costs. In 2021, outsourcing software development is not a trend; it has become a must for those who care about their business and fast-paced development. By resorting to the outsourcing model in software development, you gain a myriad of benefits, including time-effective delivery, state-of-art, avant-garde technologies, minimization of expenses, high productivity, and a tailor-made attitude.

What do outsource companies can offer to your business?

▪ High level of competence and proficiency. Offshore development teams consist of highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals who are carefully selected for this company.

▪ Experience with projects like yours. High-profile outsourcing companies have experience working with numerous relevant complex projects so that they can provide custom-tailored solutions for you.

▪ Skillful and talented developers. The software development outsourcing sphere is highly competitive, so companies strive to hire the most gifted and promising employees for their software development teams.

▪ Effective communication via project manager to meet your specific needs. A respectful outsourcing development company is always interested in well-established communication with all parties involved. This is the key to delivering the product to customer satisfaction.

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How much does it cost to outsource software development?

Pricing policy is another point to pay attention to. Don’t lap yourself up with a promising opportunity to pay precious little for a high-quality product. It must be admitted that rarely something worthy may be bought for peanuts. Given that, keep in mind that a large complex project can’t cost little. The complexity degree should correspond to the offered price.

Why do we stress this aspect? Of course, as an entrepreneur, you would want only the best for your business, but buying into a cheap offer, you can end up with a product that sucks and a need to find another outsourcing company to fix it or even start from scratch.

Often, software outsourcing companies that lure their clients with low prices write trash codes, and later you may have to deal with numerous bugs and spend even more money on that.

When to outsource software development?

Entrepreneurs mostly go for outsourcing, because they simply don’t keep their own team of developers in the undertaking. They usually don’t even require an IT department, for there won’t be much work for them, and it is less effort-consuming and financially demanding to go for outsourced software development.

Software outsourcing development is the perfect option for you if you want to accelerate the product development process. Time-effectiveness appears to be among the most significant benefits of outsourcing because you don’t have to waste your precious time on comprising your own team with relevant experience.

Another cause may be if your in-house developers lack command of some languages or technologies. It may happen that the project requires (and, of course, benefits from) specific rare skills for a one-time job or one small assignment. It isn’t worth hiring a special person for such a case; instead, an outsourced team may offer the proficiency you need.

Where to outsource software development?

Thanks to rapid globalization and access to international markets, it has become way easier to outsource software development to specialists from other countries. So, if you decided to resort to the outsourcing model, you would probably want to explore top destinations to look high and low for software development outsourcing.

When picking where to outsource your software development, you should take into account the financial advantages, cultural proximity, as well as the availability of a tech talent pool with relevant skills and competence level to successfully conceive your project.

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Three advantageous destinations for outsourced software development


Ukraine is the leader in offshore software development. The educational opportunities for developers here are vast and diverse, though most IT experts develop their professional skills by finishing different courses in Ukraine and on international educational platforms.  However, most of the graduates (more than 30 thousand every year) decide to finetune their formal university education with additional extra curriculum courses.

Besides that, the prevailing number of companies providing software outsourcing services prepare the developers they need by organizing and delivering their own courses. After a course finishes, they select the highest-performing students to join their team. In this way, outsourcing companies ensure that all their employees perfectly match their needs and are capable of delivering the products of requested quality.

Ukrainian outsourcing software developers specialize in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and mobile development. It also ranks high in web development – both front- and back-end.

Ukraine offers 200 thousand tech experts, in particular, developers, project managers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, etc. IT market here is huge and develops rapidly – the number of companies constantly grows, increasingly more professionals graduate every year, more and more international companies invest in Ukraine and enter its market.


To this end, Poland is the state with a tremendous IT development pool. It has earned the status of a reliable country in outsourcing software development. Not only does it offer financial attractiveness, but also a host of bright programmers with more than 200 thousand experts in this sphere.

Poland is within the 5 highest-ranked countries for software development. The most popular technologies here are JavaScript, Python, and Java; Polish developers, withal, offer a great competence in PHP and .NET. Since salaries in software development spheres are higher than average in Poland, the IT-sphere is becoming increasingly attractive for young people. Every year around 20 thousand developers graduate from Polish universities that stand out for their high and demanding educational standards.


India hails as a top place for outsourcing software development processes. It is believed to be the superior country to cooperate with for app development.

Among the tremendous benefits of outsourcing in India is acceptable quality at low costs if compared to other countries. Other distinct features of the outsourcing model in this area include the excellent understanding of the European market and a flexible work schedule – some work even 24/7 to provide their outsourced software timely and interact with their clients when convenient for them.

Indian IT experts provide the fullest possible range of software development outsourcing services, including app and web development, database management, system integration, consulting, and support. What is more, after the product is finished, the customer obtains all property rights and consequently the irrevocable ownership of the code.

Among other countries that are considered to be favorable areas for software development outsourcing are China with almost 5 million of tech graduates per year but poor English command; the Philippines with competitive prices for low-demanding works; Romania, with a highly diverse market of tech services; and Brazil with the abundance of junior developers for uncomplicated products.

However, it is worth accentuating that those counties are still developing a sustainable tech market and still have much to work on; for instance, their developers can have too poor English knowledge, in some, they may not be skilled enough to embark on complex and comprehensive products.

When hunting for the appropriate place for you, it would be reasonable to do some reading about the country your future outsourcing company originates from and take stock of the information you find.

Final considerations about outsourcing model of work

For some decision to outsource can be quite hard to take because it may be a perilous risk of ending in debacle as gambling; for others, it’s necessity impossible to avoid or mitigate. Seemingly, software development outsourcing is an ambivalent practice, but it is actually inextricably entangled with benefits. But to take full advantage of its benefits, you dive deep into all its peculiarities.

You should make sure that the outsourcing development company you intend to cooperate with can prove that it’s trustworthy and its developers are skillful enough to deliver the product you need. It’s not as hard as it seems to – you just need to communicate a bit with the company’s representative personally via Skype or Zoom. If they assure you that your project is “easy-peasy”, offer incompatibly low prices to what is averagely offered at the market, or promise unbelievably short deadlines for finishing the development process, it can be a snake oil salesman disguising the lack of expertise.

Don’t go big from the very beginning; you can start by assigning a small task to your potential outsourcing company to see whether the quality and the terms are satisfactory.

So, what are the keys to successful outsourcing software development?

▪ Check the quality of the projects your potential partner delivered before. Don’t hesitate to contact their previous clients to get feedback.

▪ Don’t buy into cheap offers because you can end up with no money and no product.

▪ Feel free to ask challenging questions about languages or platforms this software outsourcing company uses or their software development process stages.

▪ Opt for an outsourcing company that shows commitment and communicates well. Communication is essential, for it’s impossible to deliver a product that would satisfy the client without digging deep into their needs and preferences.

Unfortunately, there is no definite and specific sign to identify the right or wrong company for you personally. The only way to stay on the safe side is to think critically and carefully while choosing a company for outsourcing software development and keep in mind your goals and circumstances your business is operating in.
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